MPD Launches DC StreetSafe Program

Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) launched its new
DC StreetSafe Automated Traffic Enforcement Program with the announcement that new traffic cameras are now in place across the District and beginning today -- Saturday, November 23 -- those cameras will be in use.  In addition to existing red light cameras and speed cameras, MPD is now using automated safety enforcement technologies that will issue tickets to drivers who fail to stop at stop signs, fail to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, speed through intersections, and block traffic intersections.  These new technologies will make D.C.'s streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers alike.

MPD selected the locations for these new automated enforcement units based on several factors, including a history of pedestrians being struck at a particular location, high speed volume, proximity to schools, recommendations by the District Department of Transportation, and requests from the community.  The locations are available online at

MPD is using a series of humorous videos to help get out the word about the new automated enforcement technologies.  From now through December 29, MPD will issue warnings to vehicles caught on camera violating traffic laws at these new locations, and beginning December 30 violators will receive fines.


Written by Jason Broehm