Cheh recommends funding sidewalk repairs

This morning Council Member Mary Cheh released recommendations from the Committee on Transportation and the Environment to the DC Council that include funding sidewalk repairs. Cheh’s report states support for the section of Mayor Vince Gray’s FY 2015 – FY 2020 capital budget that would increase spending to address the backlog of sidewalk repair work:

“A core function of DDOT is maintaining the District’s transportation assets. Although not as prominent as other projects, repairing and rebuilding assets such as curbs and sidewalks can have a profound effect on residents’ quality of life. In recent years, however, funds to maintain our local transportation assets have been insufficient to meet the growing backlog of requests. The Committee is very pleased that the Mayor’s proposed budget triples funding to almost $38 million for curbs and sidewalks over the next three years. The Committee supports this increase and believes that this funding will improve pedestrian safety, make it easier for children to walk to school, and make it safer for seniors to walk around their neighborhoods.”

The DC Pedestrian Advisory Council thanks Cheh for her support for fixing sidewalks and is hopeful the entire DC Council will approve the funding when it votes on the budget on May 28. The Committee for Transportation and the Environment holds its budget mark-up meeting for DDOT today, May 15.