PAC urges action on moveDC recommendations

The D.C. Pedestrian Advisory Council (PAC) submitted its official comments on July 30 on moveDC, the multi-modal plan for moving people around the District of Columbia over the next 25 years. The moveDC plan spells out numerous ways to improve the pedestrian experience, and the PAC urged the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) to prioritize pedestrian accommodation and safety over vehicle flow and travel times.

The PAC comments submitted applauded the moveDC plan for making a number of good recommendations that will help the District realize several important goals:
(1) reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities;
(2) prioritize pedestrians in the design of transportation projects;
(3) create a pedestrian environment that accommodates people of all ages and abilities; and
(4) create a pedestrian network throughout the city.

The PAC’s comments included suggestions for the final draft of moveDC and for future steps. Following are some excerpts from the comments submitted to DDOT by PAC Chair Jason Broehm on behalf of the entire PAC:

On safe street crossings - “The forthcoming action plan should include goals for increasing the installation of LPIs and HAWK signals and improving marking and signage at a greater number of uncontrolled crossings.”

On traffic calming – “There is a great need for significant traffic calming, re-engineering both neighborhood streets and especially arterials like Georgia Avenue, North Capitol Street, Alabama Avenue, 14th Street NW, and Connecticut Avenue NW. While moveDC certainly addresses this, it should go farther in the implementation to clearly indicate that safety considerations are considered more important than vehicle flow and travel times considered in level of service.”

On data collection – “The Pedestrian Element section could be strengthened by explicitly describing how DDOT will collect, maintain, and use data – including assessments of existing conditions, the locations of different types of pedestrian infrastructure, and pedestrian crash data – to drive transportation planning and decision-making.”

Overall, the PAC’s comments were very supportive of moveDC’s focus on pedestrian issues. The PAC expressed its commitment to working to ensure that the many good pedestrian components of the plan are put into place. “The plan establishes a strong vision for a safer, more walkable city in the years to come. This vision is supported by a series of good goals and recommendations for improving conditions for pedestrians across the city. The key will be ensuring that as many good elements of the plan as possible are implemented,” the PAC stated in its comments.