Visiting dangerous intersections

WABA's Greg Billing talks with DDOT's Greer Gillis and other District government staff and safety advocates about hazardous conditions in front of Union Station 

Representatives from the District Department of Transportation, Councilmember offices and pedestrian and bicycle advocacy groups gathered at five dangerous intersections across the District at the end of August to observe pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic patterns and discuss possible safety improvements. At the first meetup, in front of Union Station during the morning rush, the group observed the complicated layout and multiple demands on the area that make it a perilous spot for all road users. DDOT Deputy Director Greer Gillis took notes and gathered feedback from those gathered, including Pedestrian Advisory Council member Eileen McCarthy, representatives from the Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC), Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and All Walks DC, and ANC Commissioner Mark Eckenwiler. The agency and advocacy representatives were convened by staff from the office of Councilmember Mary Cheh, chair of the Council Committee on Transportation and the Environment, and gathered the following week at four other locations in the District that also have had a high numbers of crashes: Minnesota Avenue & Benning Road NE; 14th Street & U Street NW; New York Avenue & Bladensburg Road NE; M Street & Wisconsin NW.

In related news, the Washington City Paper published an article earlier this week on dangerous intersections in the District. Also, NBC 4 News reported on possible improvements in front of United Medical Center on Southern Avenue SE.

14th Street & U Street NW
M Street & Wisconsin NW

New York Avenue & Bladensburg Road NE