Dozens of drivers cited during Tenleytown traffic enforcement

MPD officers cited more than 40 drivers during traffic safety initiatives on Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown
Officers from the Metropolitan Police Department cited dozens of drivers during two enforcement initiatives in Tenleytown in November.  The enforcement activities were part of the StreetSmart campaign aimed at educating road users about safety. On November 10 and 18, officers stationed near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle Street NW wrote tickets to drivers for distracted driving, failing to wear seatbelts, ignoring signs, and running red lights, among other infractions. Police issued 23 tickets on November 10 and 19 tickets on November 18.

The busy intersection is frequented by students from local elementary, middle and high schools and American University, Metro riders using the Tenleytown station, residents of the area, drivers commuting up and down Wisconsin Avenue, and people coming in and out of the alley leading to the Whole Foods parking garage. The local Advisory Neighborhood Commission has cited concerns about red light running, blocking the box, blocking crosswalks, failure to come to complete stop before making a right on red, and using cell phones while driving.