About the D.C. Pedestrian Advisory Council

Stop for Peds

What We Do

Walkable streets enhance public safety, improve quality of life and increase economic activity. With this in mind, the D.C. City Council established the Pedestrian Advisory Council (D.C. PAC) in 2010 to advise the Mayor, D.C. Council, and D.C. government agencies on pedestrian safety and accessibility (D.C. Code § 50-1931).

D.C. PAC's Objectives

  • Develop policy recommendations to the Mayor and the Council. 
  • Review existing city policies, practices, and processes that affect the pedestrian environment in light of best practices from other jurisdictions.
  • Monitor implementation of the Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Identify opportunities to support city officials to better address pedestrian issues, and educate, engage, and learn from the public on pedestrian issues.

          Who We Are

          The D.C. PAC is comprised of District of Columbia residents with a demonstrated interest in pedestrian safety. Thirteen voting community members are appointed by members of the D.C. Council to three-year terms. Five non-voting agency members represent the District Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Police Department, D.C. Office of Planning, D.C. Public Schools, and Department of Parks and Recreation.

          PAC voting members

          J.I. Swiderski
          Ward 1

          Kathy Davin
          Ward 2

          Eileen McCarthy
          Ward 3

          David Tumblin
          Ward 4

          Pyrrha Hallums
          Ward 5

          Cheryle Adams
          PAC Treasurer
          Ward 6

          Dalton Howard, Jr.
          Ward 7

          Ameen Beale
          Ward 8

          At-Large, Councilmember Silverman

          James Elliott
          PAC Co-chair
          At-Large, Councilmember Grosso

          Heather Foote
          PAC Co-chair
          At-Large, Councilmember Bonds

          Priscilla Magee
          PAC Secretary
          At-Large, Council Chairman Mendelson 

          Mark Rodeffer
          At-Large, Councilmember Robert White, Jr.

          Get Involved

          Attend a Meeting

          PAC meetings are open to the public. General body meetings are usually held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month at One Judiciary Square, 441 4th St NW, 11th floor. ID is required to enter the building. Meeting dates are posted on the Attend a Meeting page.

          Serve on D.C. PAC

          If you are interested in being considered for a current or upcoming vacancy, please contact the appointing council member and provide your resume and an Application for Legislative Appointment to a Board or Commission.